About Defensive Firearms Instruction


Just as the serious athlete utilizes a personal coach and trainer to maximize a training program, so it is with firearms skills.  

Use personal, one-on-one training sessions to focus and accelerate your defensive firearms skills.  It is my mission to teach you, to be your personal coach, to mentor you in firearms self-defense.  You can ask me any question without fear of receiving a verbal beat down.  I will teach you.  I am approachable.  

Having carried a firearm daily, on my person, for my individual protection for well over 30 years, I continue to participate in very stressful Force-on-Force training courses from high level instructors.  Learn from my experience.  My training focus in teaching you armed defense, is to habituate you to effectively transition into a variety of defensive skills-unarmed, armed, and strategic-that will provide you with the most number of options for your defensive problem solving.

Providing personalized instruction in armed self-defense to you – the mature individual who wants to obtain and develop self-defense firearms skills to protect yourself and your family –  is what I do.  My training perspective is to educate and train you to function primarily as an independent individual.  This establishes your defensive skills foundation.  Progressing to “advanced levels” will be a function of your commitment to your personal safety.  

Couples and family training is empowering, valuable, and a natural progression of your individual skills.  Learn, train, and protect as a team.

I will be your personal coach and mentor in the art, science, and law of “the gun”.

You Will Learn


The ability to place effective hits on your intended target fast enough, and accurate enough…for the situation


How your gun operates…so you will be certain of its condition and can take decisive action to keep it running


Learn and develop a legal, and ethical, “attitude” about your self-defense so you can make good decisions, soon enough to matter.

DFI goes far beyond teaching you how to press the trigger to stop a deadly attack.  It is not enough to simply know how to “run your gun”.  In a defensive use-of-force there will be 2 battles to manage…

#1 TACTICAL- Save your life and/or the lives of innocents

Learn the Mechanical and Marksmanship Skills needed for armed defense.  Learn how to prepare for your likely physiological reactions to a violent attack…that can affect your decisions/actions during the attack and the immediate aftermath.  Learn decision making under stress.

#2 LEGAL-How to manage the legal aftermath of your defensive use of force

DFI provides detailed instruction, insight, and feedback on the legal use of force as well as the practical use of force.  That means training in, and testing of, skills and skill sets in the context of the legal system as it pertains to self-defense laws.  Develop your legal Mindset.

YOU are the good guy; you must conduct yourself as such!

If you are not educated, trained, and prepared for the entire process, you are whistling past the graveyard.  Knowledge is power.


I am your Personal Firearms Trainer with over 31 years of combined experience in teaching civilian, military, and law enforcement personnel in the firearms training disciplines.  You will get patient and professional instruction in the art and science of armed self-defense using modern small arms that you might utilize to defend against a Violent Criminal Actor (VCA).  I have successfully taught novice students as well as SWAT officers how to protect themselves with firearms.


Couples, family training, and small group lesson plans are available. 

Corporate Events. 

Force Multiplier Training.


Training is available for pre-academy familiarization, annual and/or periodic re-qualification, in-service training, remedial firearms training, pre-deployment personal armed qualification, and plain clothes carry.

Pre-Academy Cadets.  Police academies do not train gunfighters; they train students to pass a minimum standard that does not address the unequal initiative and unequal armament of a violent attack.  Learn about a proper and legal mindset to truly protect yourself.  Get ahead of the rest of your class with firearms instruction from a veteran police firearms instructor in a relaxed atmosphere…without the stress of your academy instructors!  Group rates available.  Contact DFI.


  • California Department of Justice, Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) Certified Instructor
  • Authorized CCW Trainer, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department
  • 28 year veteran law enforcement firearms trainer
  • NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor-multiple firearms platforms
  • Certified Use of Force Analyst-Force Science™ Research Center
  • United States Marine Corps Rangemaster


While I am proud to point to my Marine Corps and Law Enforcement backgrounds as lifetime credentials, the stereotypes that are part and parcel to those professions are NOT the primary part of my regular teaching persona.  Realizing that people learn in different manners, I use proven adult learning methods of teaching new gun owners/new shooters and tailor my instructional style to the individual with patience and a building block model.  This fosters, enhances, and accelerates their learning experience.