Gun Training Videos

5-5-2 Survival Shooting Drill

To move onto, or directly into, Intermediate or Advanced levels of instruction, this is one, of several, pre-requisite, or qualifier, drills you must successfully complete


  • Draw, move off the line of attack, and place the first combat effect hit on target in under 1.5 s
  • Continue to fire a combat effective, 5-round group to slide lock, then move offline to reload
  • Fire another 5-round, combat effective string, moving offline while reloading again
  • Fire a combat effective, 2-shot group.
  • Complete post-shooting scan for additional threats and/or identify friendlies, re-assess the initial threat, re-holster reluctantly.  Continue additional post-shooting protocols as indicated.
The time starts on the tone and stops on the last round.  Scan is not counted against time, but IS REQUIRED for successful completion of the drill.
This is a Pass/Fail Event.


While awaiting a random start signal, maintain lateral motion relative to target

Close quarters presentation and first round, combat effective hit from the holster

Move offline of incoming attack; kinetic or personal

First round combat effective HIT under 1.5s

Combat effective volume of fire

Movement offline of incoming attack during empty gun reload

Empty gun reload

Post-shooting scan

Initial threat re-assessment

Deliberate re-holster protocol


Start position of body, hands, encumbered with obstacles, third-party protection

Start signal-audible, visual

Specific scenario goal

Range to target

Reduced par time

Command created stoppages

Uncertain target identifiers

Multiple, variable position, and uncertain threat targets

Multiple no-shoot targets

Random round count HIT on variable targets


Imagination is the only restrictive factor.  However, the basics are always the foundation and are always in play, just done under more stress.

Provider Course

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

While this is not firearms training per se, it is certainly a mission critical skill set for you to acquire.  It is relevant to any type of related trauma regardless of the mechanism of injury.  DFI went to a 2-day TCCC Provider Course to get first hand skills and knowledge from two very experienced Combat Medics.

Understand that you can only learn so much from watching videos or reading an article or two.  At some point you have to spend the time and treasure to get legitimate, face-to-face instruction and training from qualified instructors.

Video Introduction

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network is a membership organization that provides educational, legal, and financial resources to its members in the aftermath of a self-defense incident involving force.  It is not an insurance product that only offers reimbursement AFTER acquittal.  You need financial and legal help much sooner.

Learn more about their membership benefits at their webpage here.