TO ALL NEW GUN OWNERS, WELCOME!  You’ve taken the first step in becoming more self-reliant.  Now, you also need to learn WHEN to use your defensive tool legally in a self-defense scenario.  To facilitate your privacy and convenience, sign up for the Self-Defense Laws Class that will be conducted over Zoom.

For the HOW of your physical firearms skills, SAVE ON RANGE FEES AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING!  DFI can conduct dry-fire training classes on Basic Safe Handling and Firearms Operation over Zoom.  Most of your defensive skill set will NOT involve pressing the trigger on a live cartridge on an attacker.  So, most of your training should be invested in the relevant skills.  When all of the Stay-at-Home orders are lifted, DFI will help you work on recoil control at the range.

Learn defensive firearms’ skills faster with your own Personal Firearms Trainer.  Accelerate your learning curve with one-on-one training that is personalized to your living environment.

You will receive a tailored, and flexible, training plan that addresses your specific, and likely, threat scenarios.

Train to handle the problems that you may realistically encounter.