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Krav Maga Unyted Combat Shoot

Students of Krav Maga Unyted practicing basic handling and stance with inert training guns.  The day started with a safety and emergency medical briefing, then moved briskly to the operation, and proper handling, of handguns.  In-class handling with inert training guns prepared the students for live-fire on the range in the afternoon.  The training culminated with Krav Maga stress drills combined with live-fire handgun drills on a photo-realistic target.


Black Belts Train with DFI

Congratulations to the newly promoted #Krav Maga Unyted Black Belts! ‪#‎JarretWaldman‬ treated his Krav Warriors to introductory handgun and shotgun familiarization on the Tom George private range at Angeles Shooting Ranges with DFI as the Firearms Instructor. All shooters demonstrated open minds to learning new tools and techniques along with safe tactical gun handling skills. Well done, gents!

Jarret is a vigorous proponent of the complete combat professional and encourages his Black Belts to become proficient in various armed skills as well as the unarmed combatives of Krav Maga.  Stress Inoculation Training is a valuable experience for all who understand the need to truly training as you intend to fight.  You will NOT rise to the occasion under stress…you wil default to your level of training.  Stress will degrade whatever skill level that you have.  If you can perform the skill under duress, then you truly have committed it to your subconscious

DFI has also participated with Krav Maga Unyted in providing KMU Intermediate Level members with realistic stress training drills that blend unarmed combatives with armed, live-fire drills.  You won’t see this type of training too often outside of specialized military or law enforcement units.  But you will see this if you train with KMU.

Congrats again to the new Black Belts of KMU.  Hope to see you back at the range soon.16d34c_a4ff0b973d00474da70be1d289783aa7