Description.  This course consists of three, 5-hour modules (15 hours of training) on a reserved, tactical firing range.  It will develop your defensive decision making process by making you engage your brain before you start pulling the trigger.  Not every threatening situation requires a firing solution, but when it does, you must recognize it as such and be decisive.

This is not a beginning firearms course.  You will be expected to understand, and apply, the Four Rules of Firearms Safety at all times.  There will be personal movement with a loaded firearm in your hands…just like real life.

Goal.  Provide the student with an introductory and compressed curriculum that will improve and shorten the defensive shooting learning curve.

Pre-requisites.  Basic knowledge of your firearm’s operation and an understanding of the concept of muzzle control.  Successfully complete the DFI Tactical Pistol Safety Test.

Topics.  Safety and Emergency Medical Briefings at every session, Introduction to Mechanics, Marksmanship, and Mindset, Recommended Equipment, Defensive Shooting Drills involving decision making and reduced time limits, Every-Day Carry Concepts, Decision Making Under Stress, Lifestyle Changes to Consider, and Legal Use-of Force Issues.