Your Personal Trainer

DFI personalizes instruction based on your likely threat scenarios.  YOU have different living conditions than a warfighter or police officer.

YOU will not likely have armed teammates working with and supporting you.  I teach you how to function as an independent person while you evaluate the totality of your immediate circumstances and make appropriate, life-saving decisions.  I teach to your environment.

In all periods of instruction there will be training and education on the legal use of force, armed or otherwise.  At Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Instruction there will be discussion of the criminal mindset, how to recognize it, and what to do about it when it becomes directed at you.

Most live-fire instruction is provided in a 1 to 1 setting, using a series of 5-hour blocks of time to maximize your training value.  However much time you are willing to devote to your personal defense, we can schedule.  Defensive training is not a “one and done” event.

The “categories” of instruction range from introductory presentation and familiarization of the mechanics of firearms and principles of self-defense, to realistic scenarios that will require decision making, and the associated actions to fully conclude a response to a simulated attack.  So-called “advanced” training is simply applying all of the basics under more cognitive and/or physical stress.   You will first learn and ingrain the fundamentals into your sub-conscious.  Then, you will incorporate high-speed decision making into your solution.  Non-firing instruction and practice sessions may be conducted at the client’s suitable venue.

Group presentations on the Self-Defense Laws of California will be regularly available.  Personal firearms and equipment consultation,  as well as certain types of dry-fire practice is available at the client’s suitable venue.  Weekday and evening timess are available for your convenience.

Small group classses are scheduled in advance.

Students are responsible for range fees and, unless otherwise noted, their personal firearms, ammunition, and equipment costs.  Please contact DFI if you have any questions at all regarding firearms choice, support equipment selection, special requests, etc.



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